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Ready to make your business grow?

Use your BwIT Talent and you will be able to get the IT professionals you need to grow quickly, adapt to business challenges and deliver.

Need help finding talent for your new IT project?

As the CIO of a StartUp or an IT Manager who has to deliver a new project, you need to find great talent quickly and within budget?


Here are some of the reasons why choosing BwIT is the wisest decision.

We find the right talent for your needs

At Bwitt Talent, we follow a rigorous selection process for the offshore IT professionals we connect with you for a great fit. 

  • Necessary technical skills that match our professionals to your requirements

  • Right level of expertise in relevant technologies to deliver top-quality results

  • Our in-house team of experts conduct technical, interviews

  •  Background and reference checks to ensure that only the best join our team.

Cultural Fit

Our team has a good understanding of cultural differences, allowing us to bridge any gaps that may arise in the course of the project. We also take the time to understand our client's culture and values to ensure that our team is aligned with their objectives.


Cost savings are a primary motivator for outsourcing IT work nearshore. At BwIT Talent, we offer competitive pricing for our services without compromising quality. Our approach to pricing goes beyond hourly rates and focuses on providing overall value to our clients.


We understand that clear communication is essential for offshore collaborations. That's why we perform an initial evaluation of our candidates English communication  abilities.


For effective collaboration between our offshore talent and your in-house team, we ensure our candidates meet the required level of English language proficiency, ensuring smooth communication throughout the project will not be an issue.


Security is a top concern when working with individuals offshore. At BwIT Talent, we have security policies and procedures in place to protect our clients' confidential data and intellectual property.

We work with our clients to align with their security requirements and the BwIT talent to promote adherence to these policies, in order to reduce security risks

Is nearshore IT talent something you are interested in exploring?

Here are some benefits of contracting nearshore IT talent:

  • Proximity and time zone: Nearshore teams are usually located in countries that are closer to the contracting organization, which can facilitate communication and collaboration. Additionally, they share a similar or overlapping time zone, making it easier to schedule meetings and coordinate work across distributed teams.

  • Cultural similarity: Nearshore countries often share similar cultures, languages, and business practices, which can help to minimize misunderstandings and improve teamwork and productivity.

  • Lower travel costs: Travel costs and time differences can add up when working with offshore teams. With nearshore teams, travel can be less frequent and more cost-effective.

  • Access to skilled talent: Many countries in Latin America, for example, have a growing pool of talented IT professionals who can deliver quality work at a competitive price.

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Fill our initial Service Request form and someone from our team will contact you.

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